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Get more patients

If your office is looking for more high quality patients and you have an active website then adding a Quick Capture Agent to your website can increase prospective patient inquiries by an average increase of 2-4x.

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B2B Lead Generation Case

Download this Free Report (our B2B Lead Generation Case) and find out how one B2B customer generated a surge of new business using our Quick Capture Agent.

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Weak Leads?

Anyone who has spent any time in business must get a kick out of Alec Baldwin?s great, swinging-big-one motivational speech in Glengarry Glen Ross, when he browbeats and threatens all the faltering real estate salesmen in the world?s saddest office.

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GKIC InfoSummit

A top marketing event is coming up next month and it?s called the GKIC InfoSummit. This annual marketing seminar caters to both experienced and beginning marketers.

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3 Lead Sources for Infusionsoft

You know Infusionsoft as the premier marketing automation and email marketing software, yes?
I have to admit that it takes a while to get setup and a while to learn how to use it (I started in 2010)..but once you get leads into Infusionsoft there really is no limit to how you can market to those leads.

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