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We provide the fastest way to convert your website visitors into patients

Thinking Chat™ only takes a few minutes to setup. We have worked with hundreds of chiroprators to create the most optimized solution that works right out of the box. Our fully automated system does not require any human to be present which means you and your staff can dedicate your time towards your patients.

With Thinking Chat™ you will get:
  • Double-digit gains in new patient requests
  • 24 x 7 engagement of existing and new customers on your website
  • A 'set and forget' system to capture new patient inquiries
  • The highest ROI of any other marketing channel
  • A clearly traceable return on your investment

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When patients walk into your clinic, you have a receptionist to greet them and help them with their needs. Thinking Chat™ provides the same experience to your website visitor without the need of hiring another staff member

What does Thinking Chat™ provide?

Every month hundreds of people visit your website. But you don't know who they are or what they were looking for. Thinking Chat™ engages your website visitors asking them their name and contact information in addition to finding out what they want. Whether is it booking a new appointment, or just finding out where you are located, the Thinking Chat™ agent can guide your website visitors to the right place.

You’ve seen artificial intelligence (“AI”) with Apple Siri, Amazon Echo?

In 2013 our founder Jay Rice’s military technology company created an AI solution to turn website visitors into qualified leads. Results were incredible such that in 2014 the first external customer was launched. Using our technology this firm generated a sale for over $74,000. Additional leads and sales came from IBM, Honda, UCLA, and more – even NASA! Jay’s business was acquired in 2015 and the Ai solution was spun-out as a standalone business called Thinking Chat™TM. We’ve added customers in Dental, Chiropractic, Martial arts and a dozen other industries.

Since mid-2015 we’ve helped Chiropractors in the United States, Canada, and England gain new patients easily with our Ai Agents. Recently we made a turnkey version for busy Chiropractors like you.

It's What Your Business Needs!

When you finished with four years of chiropractic education at Palmer or another prestigious institution what inspired you to open your own practice? In addition to the valuable neuromuscular skeletal benefits you could provide patients with your Chiropractic training your own practice also gives you the ability to do it on your own terms. More importantly, your own practice lets you fulfill your own destiny. So when you opened an office you were immediately flooded with new patients, right? For most chiropractors that is not the case. There are ways to accelerate your success. There is one key ingredient needed to grow your practice to the level of success you deserve. New patients. Let us help.

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How Does It Work?

Fewer than 5 out of 100 website visitors contact a business. Typical websites are static, inactive, un-engaging, they look closed when you are open, like a vacant store.

Similar to other businesses you likely lose 95% of the new patients that visit your website. What if you had a way to engage your website visitors 24 hours, 7 days a week? Imagine an automated agent so intelligent it knows just what to say to new Chiropractic patients. What if you had a human-like agent that provided the ‘human-touch’ without the labor costs? No sick days. No vacations. Completely devoted to growing your new patients and helping your existing patients. It’s not a replacement for you or your staff; it’s the online equivalent of the after-hours answering service except that it works all-hours and engages pro-actively. It’s designed to produce double-digit gains in new patients.

No Installation Necessary

(Screenshot source: Thinking Chat™ Agent)

It's easy! Setting up an account on Thinking Chat™ takes just a few minutes. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your practice and we will take care of the rest.

Customized To You

(Screenshot source: ThinkingChat Dashboard & ThinkBot)

We have worked with hundreds of chiropractors to build a dialog that is works for you. This carefully crafted dialog has worked for chiropractors around the world. All you need to do is sign up and answer a few questions about your practice. Our system will then customize the dialog to fit your needs.

Affordable Technology

(Screenshot source: Thinking Chat™ Lead Bars)

Thinking Chat™ charges a flat monthly fee regardless of how many patients you get and it costs a fraction of what it would cost to hire an actual human full-time staff member. Having an automated chat agent to your site means that you have someone greeting patients 24x7 even when you are not available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an established practice with a decent website which collects new patient inquiries now, our Quick Capture Agent can help you collect more of them.
This was covered above. The thought that “interested” patients will make an effort to contact you is a common myth. According to Ecommerce Quarterly the conversion of web visitors into new customers is <5% across the board. So, it doesn’t matter how many contact forms or inducements you have on your website now. If you don’t have the dynamic and personalized engagement of our Quick Capture Agent then your site is likely letting 95% of every 100 visitors slip away.
We believe live chat is not a good option for a busy professional like you. First, it appears to be inexpensive but the real costs are the labor required to manage or monitor the chat box. Do you really want another thing beeping and blipping and distracting you or your staff during the day? Plus, what happens after hours, nights, weekends and holidays when your staff is gone and your prospective customer finds you and nobody is there to help? Managing an inconsistent outsourcing firm is also not a good investment either. Our solution is different. A Thinking Chat® Agent is automated and it’s personalized to your needs.
When a visitor interacts with your agent the agent informs them someone from your office will follow-up in the time frame you establish. You/your staff will receive an email with the patient information within 10 minutes of their visit so that you can follow-up as you see fit.
Simple, our paid plans have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you have website traffic – it works! Try it and see. The risk is on us.
At least 350 visitors per month recommended.
Yes. Across multiple industries including Chiropractic & Wellness the majority of web visitors believe they are talking to a human. Our agents have had ‘chats’ with organizations such as: Apple, Honda, JPL, UC Davis, IBM, and even NASA!
In any conversation between a new patient and a member of your staff there will be times when the staff member can’t answer all of the questions. The same is true here. It’s up to you to add the answers or questions that match your audience. We have defaults and recommendations and can also offer a custom concierge setup package as well. Rest assured your Agent can also simply answer that “they don’t have the information but will have a staff member follow-up”. This prevents any worries about needing to add all the variations.
Our technology is powering other websites in chiropractic and other industries so you may have seen it. Typically people have seen a live chat agent and only the first “hello” is automated and not the conversation itself. However, we have chosen to only add new clients selectively rather than saturate the market. So, if you have never seen our technology or never heard of it before today that is actually a Good thing for you because you can join other businesses in using a Quick Capture Agent like a ‘secret weapon’ that gives you an advantage over competing chiropractors in your area.
Only by appointment. We respect our customer’s privacy and do not wish to let our prospective customers play with their agent because it creates false-positives for tracking purposes. You can certainly engage with the agent on our website and that’s an indication of how it would work on your website except you are free to add the dialogue that suits your needs.
You do not need to be technical to personalize your agent. The installation of the agent code on your site will require you (or your webmaster) to copy and paste the code to your site. This is a simple install similar to Google Analytics and our videos walk you through it or you can send it to your webmaster. We can also offer a concierge setup package as well.
Yes. We have a user-friendly dashboard where you can personalize your agent name, title, and picture, and adjust the agent’s dialogue to suit your needs.
You don’t need a special computer or server since the dashboard is accessed from a web browser and the agent is hosted on our servers.

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