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Thinking Chat® Technology brings chat automation to the masses. Imagine that instead of hiring expensive full time staff, you have an automated agent manning your website 24x7 - answering customer queries, collecting valuable information about your leads and more. Thinking Chat® Technology makes such a solution practical and affordable.

Use our simple, easy to use dashboard to configure your agent. You don't need advanced knowledge of AI. Building an agent is as simple as typing conversation dialogs and dragging and dropping them into place.

The challenge in building an automated chat solution is that it must be easy to setup and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking Chat® Technology is a proprietary technology that powers our Automated Chat Agents. Primarily, Thinking Chat® Technology makes installing, configuring and using an automated chat agent practical, affordable and easy to use.
Our advanced dashboard makes configuring a conversation a breeze. Our comprehensive actions panel provides a deep integration with your site allowing you to gather crucial information from your customer while also providing your customer with a customized solution that meets their needs.
Automated chat agents from Thinking Chat® are a different solution entirely. Live Chat does engage and capture information from website visitors but it also requires valuable time and human resources to manage it in real time. When humans are not available to monitor the chat the visitor has a poor experience. Thinking Chat™ does not require up to the minute monitoring or management, it’s a ‘set and forget’ automated tool. Plus, the advanced agents are able to capture more leads than a typical chat window. Why? Because the Smart Capture Tools are able to provide specific dialogues and offers related specifically to visitor interests pro-actively instead of re-actively like live chat. In essence our solutions are not simply for having chats, they are lead capture solutions using a chat interface as the method to capture leads automatically.
This really depends on what type of business you have and what you are looking to achieve. There may be some cases where Live Chat is just better for you. For example, if you personally really want to engage with every visitor during the day or at night and answer their questions in real-time then go with live chat. But, if your time is valuable to you and you would rather have a solution that frees up your time and allows you to help your visitors automatically and optionally get back to them on your own schedule – you need to get an agent from Thinking Chat™.
An agent from Thinking Chat™ can do what live chat cannot do.
Mainly, our solutions free up your time which more than makes up for the cost compared to live chat and we also offer built-in intelligent lead capture that live chat does not offer. With our smart capture tools it’s actually like having a team of top sales people at work on your site.
An Automated Chat Agent is chat agent that appears on your website and engages your customers in conversation. But unlike a Live Chat Agent, it is entirely powered by Thinking Chat® Servers. You no longer have to hire expensive staff to man your website's chat. Thinking Chat® takes care of that for you.
While Thinking Chat® works of every website, it may not be for everyone. If your website already gets a traffic of at least 300+ unique visitors, then you will see the Thinking Chat® difference within the first week.
Checkout our ROI Calculator to learn more about which Thinking Chat® plan works for you.
Even though we require your credit card for sign-up, we will only charge you $1 for the first 30 days of your purchase. If you choose to cancel before the 30 days are up, your card will not be charged again. After the 30 day period is complete, your card will automatically charged on a monthly basis based on the plan that you choose.
Yes. Thinking Chat® works on all websites and is also configured to work on mobile websites.
We respect that our customers don’t want us to send our prospects to their site to test their agents. Your agent will work on your site similar to how it works on our site, just with your own tailored dialogue, agent name, and picture. See how it works on your site by taking our trial offer and getting started now.
All of our agents offer intelligent lead capture that is automated and customizable. However, the ‘Elite’ Agent simply provides more ways to capture leads through more ‘tools’ in the toolbox of lead capture options we call our Smart Capture Tools. Specifically, with the ‘Elite’ you can trigger things like lightboxes, surveys or special offers that are custom content pieces tailored based on what a website visitor is doing on your website. This is really a game changer for businesses and the ultimate lead capture solution. However, any business can experience a massive increase in the quality and quantity of prospective customer inquiries with our ‘Pro’ agent. If unsure, try the Pro and upgrade if needed.
Most businesses that have existing website traffic and capture visitor information on contact forms for follow-up would benefit from either version of our Quick Capture Agent™ if capturing more website visitor information is a priority. If your business does not currently market online, has low website traffic, or does not actively pursue website contacts then it may not be the right fit. If you have website traffic and would be thrilled to receive a lot more contact information from website visitors so that you or your staff can follow-up then this may be an excellent solution for you.
It is not difficult to install and installs easily just like Google Analytics. Installing the Thinking Chat® code takes less than 10 minutes. Once you signup on the checkout page, you will receive a snippet of javascript code. Simply copy and add the snippet to the <body> tag of your website and you are all set. Next, configure your agent preferences and hit Publish and your agent will be live.
Simply login to the Thinking Chat® dashboard to configure your agent. The Thinking Chat® Agent works right out of the box but with a little fine tuning you can customize it to your site.
Don't forget to check out our Dialog add-ons. Dialog Add-Ons are pre-configured dialogs that can add common conversations to your agents response library.
Once you signup you will receive instructions, tips, and video tutorials to quickly and easily setup your agent. Our Advanced Sales Agent comes with additional personal support. If you would like us to assist you with setup, optimize your agent, or do it all for you then simply choose 'Concierge Setup' as an option on your checkout form.
Unless you have purchased a long term contract at a special discount you can pay as you go and cancel or upgrade at any time.
In our shopping cart you can choose: Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
Our automated chat agent works right out of the box, capturing leads for you.
But to take full advantage of Thinking Chat® and all it has to offer, you will have to refine it to fit your business. This will vary depending on how much optimization and how much dialogue you want to include. You can always continue to add dialogs over time to continue improving your agent. The record for setting up a new Quick Capture Pro Agent with a simple dialogue is 6 minutes.
Sure. Simply engage with our Agent when it greets you or click the chat box you see minimized in the corner and enter your name and a valid email and start a live demo.
This will vary depending on how much optimization and how much dialogue you want to include. You can always setup a simple dialogue to get started in <20 minutes and then add additional dialogues over time. The record for setting up a new Quick Capture Pro Agent with a simple dialogue is 6 minutes.
All of our agents are actually automated smart agents. However, we have added more tools and more hands-on optimization to our Automated Smart Agent so we like to say it is – well – smarter. Or, as we say in the Boston area – it’s “Wicked Smaaaht”. The Automated Smart Agent is essentially an Elite Agent that we have fully customized to fit your business, your website, and your audience. The Automated Smart Agent is designed to respond to multiple inquiries that are common to your business and uses our Thinking Chat® Technology (AI) to determine the best answers. The answers are based on information you provide into the agent dashboard about your products or services and our team then customizes our tools so that the result is our highest level agent.
No, it is our software which we provide as a monthly service so that you don’t need to install software on your computer or worry about the technology. Once you sign-up you would simply generate your agent code and copy and paste it to your website just as you would Google Analytics. Any webmaster will understand how to add a javasnippet with our simple instructions. Or, we can do it for you. With our service you can login to access your dashboard where you can easily tailor your agent to suit your needs.

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