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It Started With A Common Website Problem

Our primary vision is to make the sales and support process faster and more efficient for everyone.

Founder & CEO, Jay Rice, created ThinkingChat™ to help process sales leads for high tech equipment. During his experience as a tech CEO and entrepreneur in the industrial imaging industry Jay supplied over $20 million worth of advanced imaging technology to large government, military and industrial customers such as: the U.S. Army, Naval Intelligence, Intel, and NASA.

In the industrial imaging industry the technology and the sales cycle is long and complex. Each sale can be compared to an iron man triathlon. Each inquiry from a new lead might consume several hours of time before even knowing if there is a potential fit. Even qualified leads might continue asking questions for 3-6 months and still may not make a purchase due to changes in budget or direction.

The combination of a long sales cycle with the need for pre-sales resources in a complex technical business drove customer acquisition cost through the roof and required hours of un-billable customer education. Over-worked sales-support staff and prospective customers waiting for information is not a good combination. Under these circumstances, Jay began to devise a plan for an automated solution that would be both affordable and easy to set-up. Enter, ThinkingChat™

We believe that by helping Entrepreneurs utilize the right automation tools they can grow faster and on their own terms in a more dynamic and efficient way. That's a winning combination.

Meet the team

Jay Rice
Founder & CEO
Akshay Kolte
Tech Wizard
Bob Caspe
Serial Entrepreneur / Advisor
Joe Ippolito

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