Adding Thinking Chat® To Your Site

To add the Thinking Chat™ Agent to your site, you will need to copy and paste a javascript snippet from your dashboard into the <body> section of your HTML.

  1. Login to your dashboard from the Thinking Chat™ website.
  2. If you are logging in for the first time, you will see a popup message that includes the javascript snippet.
  3. You can also access the code by clicking the "Show Code" button on your Dashboard.
  4. Copy the code and paste it in the <body> section of your HTML.

    Note: You can add the Thinking Chat® Javascript snippet in the same place as you would add your Google Analytics code.
  5. If you are using a Content Management System like Wordpress, Joomla etc. you can follow the instructions below:

Dashboard Interface

When you login to Thinking Chat® you will see your Dashboard. From your Dashboard you can configure the behavior of your Thinking Chat® Agent. Below is a brief explanation of each option available on your Dasboard.

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard option in the left menu is the same page you will see when you first login to Thinking Chat™. This page shows you the Recent Activity on your site as well as the Javascript snippet you need to add to your web page.
  • Automated Chat: One of the primary smart lead capture tools available at your disposal is Automated Chat. The Automated Chat option on the left side bar contains all the links to configure your automated chat agent.
    • Chat Agent Information: From this page, you can configure the basic information about your Chat Agent, including editing the Agent's avatar, selecting a theme etc. For more information about editing your chat agent's information, visit the Configuring Your Agent page.
    • Chat Preferences: Use this page to configure the preferences of your chat window like position, title etc. You can also add a list of emails that should receive notifications when a new lead is captured. For more information about editing your chat preferences, visit the Configuring Your Agent page.
    • Manage Conversation: Thinking Chat® is an automated chat agent. From this page you can manage the flow of the conversation that your chat agent will have with the visitor. For more information about managing the conversation, visit the Configuring Chat Dialogs page.
    • Error Message: Many times your Chat Agent may come across a question to which you have not configured an answer. This page allows you the configure a generic error message that can be shown to the visitor in such a case. For more information about error handling, visit the Configuring Chat Dialogs page.
  • Smart Capture Tools: Thinking Chat® provides a comprehensive tool kit that you can use to capture leads. The Smart Capture tools option will allow you to manage and configure how your tools interact with your website visitor.
    • Lead Bubbles: Thinking Chat® takes the simple lightbox (or popup) to the next level with Lead Bubbles. You can now easily configure your lead bubbles from this page. For more information about how lead bubbles can help you capture leads, visit the Smart Capture Tools page.
    • Lead Bars: Lead Bars are a great way to communicate important information to your customers. For more information about how lead bars can help you capture leads, visit the Smart Capture Tools page.
    • Smart Triggers: Thinking Chat® is built on a system of smart triggers. Smart Triggers are fired when various events happen on your website for e.g. if the visitor clicks on a button / link. Thinking Chat® captures information these triggers and allows you to launch a series of actions based on them For more information about how smart triggers work, visit the Smart Capture Tools page.
  • Integrations: Thinking Chat® integrates with all your favorite tools and CRM systems. You can configure your integrations from this page. For more information about integrations, visit the Integrations page.
  • Performance Reports: Thinking Chat® provides comprehensive analytics about how your agent is performing. The performance report shows various charts and graphs to give you a snapshot of your agent's performance.
    Note: Performance Reports link is only unlocked once you start receiving leads.
  • Switch Agent: If you have more than one agent, you will see a Switch Agent option on your left side bar. Use this option to switch between multiple agents.
  • Account Settings: To change your login information, you can visit the Account Settings page.

Getting Help

If you need any help navigating the Thinking Chat® Dashboard or setting up your agent, let us know. We will be happy to help you out.

Managing Your Account

You can manage your account settings by clicking on the Account Settings link on the left side bar. From this page you can edit your name, login information as well as your password.

  • Updating Your Login Information: Change your name, or email address by entering the information on this page. Once you have finished editing simply press the Save button to save your changes.
  • Resetting Your Password: Want to change your password? Simply type in a new password in the text boxes provided and then press the Save button to save your changes.