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How Can a Thinking Chat® bot Grow Your Business?

Our automated chat agents ("chabots") use artificial intelligence to provide your business with a steady stream of qualified leads at a fraction of human labor costs.

Multiply Your Leads

Thinking Chat® bots have been proven to provide a 2-5x increase in lead generation for businesses ranging from complex infrared inspection systems to local martial arts studios.

Don't let the vast majority of your website visitors slip away without ever contacting your business! According to eCommerce Quarterly more than 95 out of 100 visitors to the average website will leave and never return. We provide a fast and effective way to double, triple or quadruple lead generation.

We provide an immediate and effective way to turn your website visitors into leads.

For lead capture on your website, NOTHING beats ThinkingChat Quick Capture Agent™!

Peter Olsson

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Qualify Your Leads Automatically

Not every prospective customer of your business is qualified. Nearly every business has to deal with ‘tire-kickers’ and time-wasters. Sales Executives & CEOs all agree that - unqualified leads will kill your profit margins.

But, what if you didn’t have to waste your valuable time on website lead qualification? Your Thinking Chat® AI Agent can pre-qualify leads with the look and feel of a live-chat human but without the human involvement.

One ThinkingChat™ lead resulted in a sale for over $74,000.

Michael Crump

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Save Time & Money

Imagine how many more customers you might serve if you had a sales assistant that worked 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. An AI Sales Agent from Thinking Chat® works at engaging, capturing, & qualifying your website leads 24x7x365 for a fraction of the cost of a human. Your agent increases website visitor engagement so that you or your staff have a higher number of qualified opportunities to convert customers & grow your business.

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Mobile Friendly

Thinking Chat® works on both desktop and mobile with the same efficiency. Display mobile optimized marketing messages and chat agent on your website.

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