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Thinking Chat® Quick Capture™ generates website leads from your existing site visitors and it does not involve more traffic, complicated marketing campaigns, or buying an expensive training program from a guru.

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How Automated Lead Capture Bots Work?

Learn more about how automated lead capture can work for your website.

Automated Chat Agent

Our always-on, automated chat agent can help people on your site 24x7 at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff members.

Our chat agents can capture the customer's contact information, as well as ask qualifying questions to reduce your sales efforts.

(Screenshot: ThinkingChat Agent & Dashboard)

Lead Bubbles

We provide a comprehensive set of tools that you can use throughout your website. With lightboxes, message alerts, automated chat agents and more, we provide you will all the tools you will ever need.

With ThinkingChat, if a qualified lead reaches your website, consider it captured.

(Screenshot: ThinkingChat Agent & Dashboard)

Lead Bars

Setting up ThinkingChat takes less than 10 minutes. If you get stuck, our highly talented support team can help you out at no additional cost.

(Screenshot: ThinkingChat Lead Bars)

Smart Triggers

Thinking Chat® works on both desktop and mobile with the same efficiency. Display mobile optimized marketing messages and chat agent on your website.

Like Live Chat, Without Hassle

Thinking Chat® Quick Capture Agent™
operates 24 x 7 and is automated so you are never interrupted.

(Screenshot: ThinkingChat Agent)

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