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Thinking Chat™ is a dynamic software company located in the United States a short drive north of Boston, MA. Information about the company’s product and management can be found elsewhere on this site.

Thinking Chat™ (currently wholly owned by Rice Global Enterprises Inc., founded 2008) has launched its technology on a number of websites and is now actively developing Fully Automated Thinking Chat® Agents and bringing its Quick Capture Agent™ solution to a wider audience.

Thinking Chat™ welcomes all accredited investors to explore the opportunity to invest in the company. We consider our business an excellent artificial intelligence VC opportunity. However, we welcome discussions with individual investors, angel investors and venture capitalists. We must restrict our investors to individuals and entities considered to be relatively sophisticated and financially independent under the securities laws – “Accredited Investors.” Please go to for more information.

There is a large market demand for businesses to utilize artificial intelligence technology to help their customers, better equip their sales personnel, and reduce overall labor costs. We believe Thinking Chat™ is well positioned to capture a significant portion of this market and welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with qualified individuals and organizations.

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