Are you considering live chat for your business?

Discover a Live Chat Alternative that uses Artificial Intelligence to Turn Random Website Visitors into a 24/7/365 Steady Stream of Qualified Leads for Your Business – WITHOUT THE COSTS OR HASSLES OF MANNING A CHAT WINDOW!

Dear Friend,

I get your frustration.

You’ve built your website traffic to the point where converting your website visitors into leads and turning those leads into customers is mission critical to your business. Yet the results are just not there. So far as you can tell, all this effort hasn’t produced enough increase in the number of phone calls, emails, contacts, etc. to your business. People may be showing up on your website, but the vast majority simply abandon ship without even leaving a trace that they were ever there. So, you’re drawn to live chat as a way to engage website visitors and provide the human touch that is missing online. Let’s face it – having an unattended website these days is like owning a store in a busy city with the lights turned off..

It looks like you are closed for business!
You have website traffic and can’t afford to let qualified prospects slip away. Now if that’s the case for you, then I have some very good news…

Finally, there’s a simple way to transform your website into an automatic, autopilot lead-collection machine 24 hours per day…and you don’t need to slave over a chat window either. Which means you’ll be able to help more customers. (And get you the rewards you deserve as well.)

My name is Jay Rice and I’ve devoted the past several years to helping business owners just like you solve the problem of abandoned websites – and I’ve discovered a radical NEW approach that solves it once and for all.

Jay Rice, CEO

Imagine being able to have qualified prospects delivered to your inbox without needing to add more hours to your day or more staff to manage. Imagine what it will be like to see a reliable, predictable, as-steady-as-you-want-it stream of qualified leads coming to your business week in, week out, every week of the year. Imagine what that would mean to the numbers of new customers you’d be able to serve and… to your bottom line revenues and profits… and to your overall happiness and satisfaction.

Well, you don’t have to settle for “just imagining” any more. You can experience all this and more – and I’m going to reveal step-by-step exactly how you can put this system to work in your business in a special report I’m calling:

AI Game Changer

How ANY Business Can Use AI as an Alternative to live chat That Lets You Grow Your Business and Take Your Life Back!

In this content-packed report, you’ll discover:

  • The MYTH that having a website with lots of visitors guarantees a steady flow of qualified leads for your business.
  • Why 9 out of 10 business owners confided to us they HATE live chat
  • The absolute Dumbest thing you could do before you try AI software for lead capture
  • How so-called ‘Free’ live chat software ends up costing most businesses a fortune they didn’t even consider.
  • Pitfalls to avoid if your business is better off with live chat (some businesses are actually better off using live chat vs. AI).
  • How a chat ‘bot’ could wreck your business if you are not careful.
  • How you can – in 20 minutes or LESS - create a "set and forget automated system" that will deliver new inquiries to you each and every day.
  • The revolutionary (yet ridiculously simple) technology that EVERY serious business will eventually integrate into their website within the next two years - if you don't, you WILL GET LEFT BEHIND in the dust.

And much, much more besides!

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