Introduction to Dialogs and Responses

A typical conversation in Thinking Chat® is a series of responses from your agent and replies from the visitor. In Thinking Chat® we manage the conversation by anticipating wha the visitor's reply might contain.

The video below explains how Dialogs and Responses work in Thinking Chat®.


Introduction to Priority & Catch-Alls

Sometimes your agent is faced with a choice of which response to show. In this case, Thinking Chat® uses the priority to make the decision.

The video below explains how Priority & Catch Alls work in Thinking Chat®.


Manage Your Conversation

You can use Thinking Chat's quick and intuitive interface to manage your conversation.

The video below explains how to manage your conversation in Thinking Chat®.


Manage Your Library

You can view all your dialogs and responses on the Library page on the Thinking Chat® Dashboard.

  1. Login to your Dashboard from the Thinking Chat® website.
  2. Expand the Automated Chat option from the left side bar and select the My Library option.
  3. Expand each dialog to view the responses within. You can click on the Edit Keywords button to edit the keywords for the dialog.
  4. Delete dialogs by clicking the Remove button.
  5. Configure responses by expanding various tabs, or clicking on the response body.
  6. To go to this response directly and manage the conversation, click on the Manage Conversation button.

Keywords, Conditions & Actions

Manging your keywords, conditions and actions, coming soon.