A Born Adventurer

Jay Rice Founder

Jay is a technology entrepreneur with expertise creating chatbots and marketing automation solutions to help businesses generate leads, grow revenue, and save precious time. He has experience in a number of industries including; computer hardware, semiconductors, software, digital marketing, and industrial imaging. Prior to launching his own businesses he served as CEO for the U.S. division of a Dutch industrial equipment manufacturer and grew that business from low 6-figures to mid 7-figures within five years. Jay received his Bachelor’s degree from MCLA, his MBA from Bentley University and his post-MBA certificate from the FW Olin School of Business at Babson College Graduate School.

When he is not working with customers, creating marketing campaigns or designing the intelligence behind Thinking Chat, Jay spends time raising a family. But, one of his personal passions is adventure travel (click to view). As his businesses have grown and expanded he’s been able to visit some remote locations others have only dreamed about. Not only that, he’s had some weird and sometimes hair raising adventures and encounters with wildlife.

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